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Aluminum Windows

We offer different window systems which can be specified with or without thermal breaks, the sections make it possible to fabricate many styles of windows with cils, coupling and weather bar profiles complementing the suites and offering flexibility of construction and design. Square and sloping beads are used to accommodate materials from 6mm to 28mm. A choice of window hardware and accessories are available such as cockspur handles espagnolette locking and matching handles, top and side hung friction hinges and trickle vents.

The Benefits

Aluminum is more durable and stronger material

Aluminium is a highly durable material, but high-quality aluminium windows can last up to 40 years because they don’t degrade in the same way that upvc can.

Much larger glass surface area due to stronger frames. Brilliant for commercial use

Aluminium is a strong metal and can subsequently hold frames that are not only thinner and sleeker but bigger too allowing more light into the property which makes living and working spaces feel fresher and more spacious.

Power coated aluminum helps protect the metal. Resulting in very little maintenance

Most sections are stocked in mill finish, natural anodised and white powder coated. Our suppliers have their own powder coatings facility so can offer industry leading turnaround times on a vast range of standard colours. This gives us the control to ensure a high-quality finish.

Wider range of colours to choose from

Customers can choose their preferred colour from our RAL charts in matt, satin and gloss finishes also available are Fluorescents and Metallics.

UPVC Windows

UPVC has been a popular choice since the 1980’s. It is a very durable material and resistant to rot, this means it has a long lifespan and requires very little maintenance. In most cases frames do not require replacing for 20 to 30 years. One reason customers choose upvc is that it tends to offer slightly better soundproofing than aluminium. On large projects upvc can prove to be a cost -effective option.

The Benefits

UPVC tends to provide better thermal insulation due to multi chamber design

UPVC double glazing is an ideal form of insulation the airtight construction creates thermal insulation keeping your property cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Quicker repair time due to UPVC being a much lighter material

UPVC is a lightweight and is a durable product it can be easily handled by fabricators and fitters.

Very easy to clean. And won’t lose colour

Regular cleaning with soapy water or the use of a UPVC solvent cleaner will keep your windows in excellent condition always being careful to avoid contact with the silicone seals.

Much cheaper material and cost effective

Compared to other materials that double-glazed windows can be made from UPVC windows are the cheapest and most cost- effective option.

Different Styles

The company has excellent relationships with a number of key clients to whom it has a long standing working association. These include:


Fixed UPVC windows are the ideal way to expand your views and maximise natural light. They are typically installed in out of reach areas like transoms and where opening isn’t necessary.


A hopper window is a bottom-pivoting casement window that opens by tilting vertically, typically to the inside.


An awning window is a casement window that is hung horizontally, hinged on top, so that it swings outward like an awning. They are particularly useful for ventilation.

Twin Panel

Twin panel casement windows with hinged sashes that can swing in or out like a door comprising either a side-hung, top-hung or occasionally bottom-hung sash or a combination of these types, sometimes with fixed panel on one side of the sash.


A casement window is a window with a hinged sash that swings in or out like a door comprising either a side-hung, top-hung or occasionally bottom-hung sash or a combination of these types, sometimes with fixed panels on one or more sides of the sash.


A horizontal sliding sash window has two or more sashes that overlap slightly but slide horizontally within the frame.

Full Circle

Round windows are a perfect design solution to create appearance and space they become an instant focal point in any room.


An octagon window is an octagon shaped window resembling a bee cell or crystal lattice of graphite. The window can be vertically or horizontally oriented, openable or dead.


These windows create the perfect shelf space for herbs or potted plants.


Ideal for architectural designs and gable ends.


As the name suggests these windows are arched at the top whilst the bottom half is rectangular to provide a contrasting effect. These are great for adding a stylist feature to properties such as renovated chapels or barn conversions.


Geometric windows add character and individuality to your home. Use to provide an architectural accent in a room, to bring light into a hallway or drama to a great room, or to provide detailing around a focal point such as a fireplace.


Our Aluminium doors are designed to exacting standards in a multitude of design options to compliment your creative design.

Different Styles

Aluminium commercial doors

Suitable for high traffic buildings such as schools, leisure facilities, retail units and offices. The modern design, clean lines and range of glazing options make this system a popular choice where wide glazing spans are required. Available in Pivot / slide / Automated / Rebated, Single Door or Double Door Open in or Open Out.

Thermal aluminium commercial doors

Inherently strong and thermally efficient the thermal commercial door exceeds current building requirements. Favoured by architects and specifiers for flexibility and design; single or double doors open in or open out a range of stiles and rails and available in single or dual colour powder coated options. Accredited to PAS 24 security standards the door is designed for high traffic footfall buildings offering peace of mind that the building is safe, secure and thermally efficient.

Louvre doors

Aluminium Louvre doors offer the opportunity to create simple fixed ventilation into a building. Our system includes a dedicated outer frame for installation into our commercial doors and curtain walling system as well as an option of an external odd leg frame. Ideal for use in plant rooms or where ventilation is required.

Bi-fold doors

Bi Fold Doors bring the outside in and open space for living, working and entertaining. Bi Folds give an aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional sliding patio doors. Available in Aluminium, UPVC and Timber.

Timber doors

Our mortice and tenon bespoke timber doors are suitable for both internal and external application. Available In a range of designs and various softwood and hardwood timbers all doors are tailor made. Our methods of construction ensure performance and longevity.

UPVC doors

UPVC doors are strong and safe with high security locking system, they are available in a wide range of styles and finishes and offer superior thermal efficiency to reduce the amount of drafts.

Composite doors

Composite doors available in a wide range of colours and designs they are made from a selection of materials including a solid timber core, glass, reinforced plastic and UPVC to name a few. Each material is fused together to result in one of the strongest door materials on the market.

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At B&G Sears we manufacture and fit all our own windows in a wide range of window designs in different materials to suit your property and budget. With a variety of products to choose from let us help you find the right decision.

We are happy to give quotes for Aluminium, UPVC and Timber. We use only the most trusted window systems; our Aluminium is supplied by Kestrel Aluminium systems and our UPVC systems are either Rehau or Veka.